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from München/Split
Sep. 2016 - Okt. 2016
Damir Žižić and Kristian Kožul focus on commenting products and habits of members of the consumer society. They use products, the bearers of an illusion of happiness and well-being, to emphasize the transformation of the mental landscape under the influence of the logic of profit. The value of their creation lies in the fact that they have articulated a copy of the global tendencies by means of experiences taken from the local context, using a wide spectre of contextually specific symbols. Those symbols are mostly casts and photographs of evocative objects such as plastic bottles with a refund value, fake plants which are used to decorate public spaces, mass-produced objects used in tourism or multi-colour trash food packaging.

began their work on artistic exploration and projects in 2013. Their work has recently been presented at web platforms DIS Magazine and The Creators Project. The duo’s independent exhibitions include the Karas Gallery (Croatian Association of Artists), Lauba House, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Mali Salon (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka) and Gallery Koprivnica (Museum of the City of Koprivnica). They have participated in various group exhibitions, including the 53rd Poreč Annale, Industrial Art Biennial in Labin and T-HT@MSU.HR Award in Zagreb. They have won the T-HT@MSU.HR Award, having their installation 0,50 acquired for the museum's collection. In addition, their concrete installation Inflatable Realities is part of the Museum's collections in public space, being placed in front of the museum building. Their works are also represented in private collections, while their from the Filip Trade Collection are publicly exhibited in the Lauba House in Zagreb.

graduated from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany. His works have been exhibited in various group exhibitions, the more recent being the International Program (PSY1, New York, USA, 2005), Criss-Cross (Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia, 2007), Boys Craft, (Haifa Museum, Haifa, Israel, 2008), Summer Camp, (Exile, Berlin, Germany, 2010), Bandits, Pirates & Outlaws, (Lost Coast Culture Machine, Fort Bragg, USA, 2010), B-B-B-BAD, (Anna Kustera Gallery, New York, USA, 2011). His latest works have also been exhibited in solo shows in institutions such as Lauba House, Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb, Croatia), Art Salon (Celje, Slovenia), Kibla Gallery (Maribor, Slovenia), Minoriten Galerien (Graz, Austria), TZR Gallery (Duesseldorf, Germany), Anhava Gallery (Helsinki, Finland), Goff+Rosenthal and Pablo’s Birthday (New York, USA). He started collaborating with Damir Žižić in 2013. They exhibited in solo exhibitions in Gallery Karas and in Lauba House in Zagreb, Croatia (2014). They won the third T-HT@MSU.HR award, Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb, Croatia, 2014). Kristian Kožul is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists. He lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.

graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the University of Zagreb and from the Art Academy in Zagreb, Croatia, where he studied New Media Studies. While at university, he participated in numerous group exhibitions including the Museum of Street Art (Branimirova Street, Zagreb, Croatia, 2012), The Youth Salon (Croatian Association of Artists, Zagreb, Croatia, 2012), D Day (Gredelj factory, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013). He is a long-term collaborator and photographer for a number of art institutions and groups, namely the Culture of Change (Student Centre in Zagreb), Urban Festival, Montažstroj and Lauba House. He began collaborating with Kristian Kožul in 2013. They exhibited in solo exhibitions in Gallery Karas and in Lauba House in Zagreb, Croatia (2014). They won the third T-HT@MSU.HR award, Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb, Croatia, 2014). Damir Žižić is a member of the Croatian Designers Association. He lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.

Maša Drndić [artist]
Huda Takriti [artist]
Jana Beňová [artist]
Žižić/Kožul [artist]
Alek Popov [artist]
Guillaume Métayer [artist]
Auf die ungewisse Wiederkehr der Flügel setzen, 2017-06-12 19:00:00 [event]
Freischreiben, 2016-06-06 19:00:00 [event]

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