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This exhibition tries to present the scene of photo artists who are born or working in Graz. Two municipal structures which try to define quality standards in the field of photo art in Graz have been used as a reference for this selection of artists. The "City of Graz Photo Promotion Award" (since 1977) and the "City of Graz Photo Collection" (continuously since 1997) give a representative insight into the works of the photo scene in Graz which can look back on a long tradition. By presenting selected works, Counter-Points also aims at making the activities of these two local institutions more visible to the public.

The exhibition consists of two parts. The first gives a short view of current works by a younger generation of photo artists. The second is a review of personalities who have established Graz as a creative breeding ground for photo art back in the 1970s.

A "counterpoint" is per definition "the art of combining of several tunes of a composition that are played together to sound like one tune". The so-called "generation of awakening" which essentially developed out of the activities of the TVN photo group, the Forum Stadtpark photo department and the Camera Austria magazine is today regarded as the "cantus firmus" in the context of this "contrapuntal composition". These pioneers are now confronted with individual up-to-date concepts and approaches of the younger generation - just like "counterpoints".

This selection includes artists born between 1964 and 1985 who are characterised by different forms of artistic development and education. There is no close group of photo artists anymore or a clearly defined institutional centre. Beside the HTL Ortweinschule (Secondary College of Construction Engineering), which is the only fine arts related school in Graz, there is only a limited number of smaller initiatives which function as a stage for the younger generation. These artists mostly work individually and just like several other fine artists from Graz, they tend to leave their hometown Graz for the capital Vienna. They do not solely concentrate on classical methods of photography but they also work with new techniques and they are open to other fields of art as well.

There is a great variety of conceptual and aesthetic approaches which are opposed to those of the "older" generation. The pioneer achievements of this already recognised group are once more being acknowledged, yet the independence of the "young" artists is being emphasised. In accordance with the definition above, the Counter-Points exhibition aims to give a "harmonic" - or, to some extent, representative - view of photo art from Graz.

counter.points. is a Cultural City Network Graz project, curated by Mag. Max Aufischer and Mag. Gerhard Gross, supported by the City of Graz - Cultural Department.

Part 1:
  • The Next Generation
    Selected winners of the 'City of Graz - Photo Promotion Award' and the 'Fine Arts Promotion Award of Styria', and selected works from the 'City of Graz - Photo Collection'

    • Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond
    • Carmen Brunner
    • Sonja Gangl
    • Gerhard Gross
    • Alexandra Hammerl
    • Miriam Koban
    • Tatiana Lecomte
    • Martin Osterider
    • Walter Seidl
    • Markus Taxacher
    • Christine Winkler
Part 2:
  • The Generation of Awakening
    Selected works from the 'City of Graz - Photo Collection'
    • Max Aufischer
    • Seiichi Furuya
    • Klaus-Dieter Hartl
    • Erich Kees
    • Elisabeth Kraus
    • Branko Lenart
    • Wolfram Orthacker
    • Max Puntigam
    • Eckart Schuster
    • Michael Schuster
    • Manfred Willmann

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