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Armando Lulaj


from Tirana
CCN-Bildende Kunst/Medien
Feb. 2014 - Mar. 2014
Armando Lulaj, born 1980, lives and works in Tirana, Albania.

Lulaj mainly uses performance and video, critically analysing hidden structures and mechanisms of power. Typical of Lulaj's artistic strategy is to make a comparison between models and perceived facts, ideas and history.

Im Rahmen des Artist-in-Residence Programms von < rotor > verbringt der albanische Künstler Armando Lulaj eineinhalb Monate in Graz.

Armando Lulaj [artist]
ARMANDO LULAJ, 2014-02-13 19:30:00 [event]

Link zu einem Auszug aus der Videoarbeit "IT WEARS AS IT GROWS" auf Vimeo

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