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Ivana Radovanovic



from Podgorica
CCN-Bildende Kunst/Medien
Aug. 2017 - Sep. 2017
Ivana was born on the January 24, 1983 in Titograd. She graduated in 2006 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, within the Department of Sculpture under the tutelage of Prof. Pavle Pejovic. She received an M.A. in November 2009 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje in the class of the same Professor. Ivana currently works as a teacher for the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje. In 2016 Ivana obtained a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Fine Arts, in Belgrade, under the mentorship of Prof. Dusan Petrovic.

Ivana Radovanovic [artist]

-From a field of ten artists, Ivana has been chosen to participate in the Residential programme "ar Twiins in Open Space" due to be held in Paphos, Cyprus; European Capital of Culture 2017.

-Artist-in-residence KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre, Ii, Oulu, Finlandin 2016.

In July of the same year, Ivana held an exhibition entitled ‘Between Art and Nature’in the Media Nox gallery in Slovenia.

-She also participated in the 25th anniversary of “Process-Space Art Festival” in 2016, held in Russe, Bulgaria in 2015.

The Directorate of the “Biennale for Young European and Mediterranean Artists”(BJCEM), headed by artistic director and art historian Andrea Bruciati, selected Ivana’s work ‘The Hollow Men’to represent Montenegro in the event ‘Mediterranea XVII Young Artists Biennale’ in Milan.

In September 2015 she held a solo exhibition called The Hollow Men-Burning Way in Radoje Dakić (a former factory hall), in Podgorica, as a part of celebration of the 30thanniversary of FIAT in September 2015.

This exhibition “The Hollow Men-Burning Way” then transferred to the the Kolarac Foundation Gallery in Belgrade.

In May 2015 she had a solo exhibition hosted by the ‘Association of Fine and Applied Artists’ in Kraljevo and a solo exhibition ‘Burning Way’ hosted by the Shooting Association of Ljubovic, Podgorica. In February 2015 an exhibition of her sculptures and drawings entitled “The Hollow Men”was held in Gallery Nikola in Niksić.

In December 2014 a further exhibition of her sculptures and drawings was held in the gallery ULUCG, Podgorica. In August of the same year an exhibition of her sculptures and drawings was displayed in the gallery Marko K. Gregović in Petrovac. In 2013 Ivana started attending her Ph.D. courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

In July 2010 Ivana held an individual exhibition in the gallery for the “Association of Fine Arts “ in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade). In June of the same year she also held an individual exhibition at the SPA Gallery of the Simo Milosevic Institute in Igalo.

In December 2009 Ivana had an individual exhibition Movement as Expressionheld in ULUCG, Podgorica. In July of that year, her exhibition of drawings Behind the Mirrorwas held in the Gallery Centar, in Podgorica.

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