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Siniša Ilić


from Belgrad
CCN-Bildende Kunst/Medien
Sep. 2015 - Okt. 2015
Siniša Ilić (b.1977 Belgrade), is a visual artist working also in the field of performance art. His work includes drawing, painting, installation, video аnd artist books. Ilić’s practice addresses social phenomena and mechanisms, exploring forms of labour, tension, social violence and states of uncertainty. Ilić collaborates with Bojan Djordjev on long term artistic research Desert of Picture project, and with other artists and authors, on a range of collaborative projects.
Siniša Ilić is a co-founder and member of TkH (Walking Theory) art and theory platform which was founded by a group for theoretican and artists at the end of 2000 in Belgrade. TkH main objective is to reinforce the critical and experimental practices/discourses in contemporary arts in the local context, as well as to affirm them in a wider, regional and international context. TkH is run by the editorial collective whose members are theorists and artists coming from performance theory and practice, theatre, cinema, and visual arts (Ana Vujanović, Bojan Djordjev, Bojana Cvejić, Katarina Popović, Marta Popivoda, Siniša Ilić and producers Dragana Jovović and Jelena Knežević). TkH publishes TkH Journal for Performing Arts Theory. He showed his works at: Tate Modern, galleries Calvert 22 and Forham London; Residency Unlimited, New York; 3 Ural biennial, Yekaterinburg, Lofoten International art festival, Norway; Metelkova Museum of Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana; Open Space, Vienna; Belgrade Cultural Centre Art Gallery, Salon and Museum of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade; Gallery Nova Zagreb; The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, Prague; DEPO, Istanbul; Mestni Muzej, Ljubljana, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok; Tennis Palace Museum, Helsinki... Ilić recieved Dimitrije Bašićević Mangelos Award (2006) and Nadezda Petovic Memorial Awards in 2010 (with Tina Gverovic) and in 2014. He holds a BA and MA from the Faculty of Fine art, Belgrade.

Siniša Ilić [artist]
Inverted House with a view over the Mediterranean, 2015-10-12 19:00:00 [event]

Selected exhibitions and festivals:

Spaces for Maneuver—Between Abstraction and Accumulation, 3rd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, curator Biljana Ciric, Yekaterinburg
Mladi Levi, festival Ljubljana
Otpisane / Written away, exhibition/action, curators WHW / Sto kako i za koga / What, How and for Whom, Nova Gallery, Zagreb
Prague Quadrennial of performance space, Kafka's House, Prague, curator Mia David
Cabinet of Political Wonders, (with A. Vujanovic, M. Popivoda, S. Asentic) Kampnagel, Hamburg
Chameleon, with Tina Gverovic, Apoteka, curator Branka Bencic, Vodnjan
Sa ukusom soli - Sapore di sale, Studio Tomaseo, Trieste, curators Zorana Djakovic Minitti and Mia David

Kolicina koja nedostaje/Missing Amonut, curators Mia David and Zorana Djakovic Minitti, KCB in collaboration with Serbinale, Kabinet, Berlin
Mundus vadit retro, curators Aleksandra Kostic and Ziga Dobnikar, Kibla Portal, Maribor
Stone, Wood and Paradise Syndrom, curator Maja Ciric, 1933 Contemporary, Shanghai
Dear Art, curators WHW / Sto kako i za koga / What, How and for Whom, Nova Gallery, Zagreb
Ko to tamo peva/Who's That Singing' Over There, curator Dejan Sretenovic, Memorijal Nadezde Petrovic, Cacak - Memorial Award
Turnovers, with Tina Gverovic and Ben Cain, curators, Hannah Dewar and Una Popovic, MOCA Salon and Tate Modern, MOCA Salon, Belgrade
I want to Speak about War / Zelim govoriti o ratu, curators Mia David and Zorana Djakovic Minitti, Klovicevi Dvori, Zagreb

Liberation in Administration, slide proejction isntallation with reading group, with Bojan Djordjev, Residency Unlimited, New York, Molekula, Rijeka
Inverted House, with Tina Gverović, curators Hannah Dewar and Una Popović, Tate Modern, London
Dear Art, curators WHW / Sto kako i za koga / What, How and for Whom,, Calvert 22, Gallery, London
Just what is it that makes today so familiar, so uneasy? curtors Eva González-Sancho, Anne Szefer Karlsen and Bassam El Baron, LIAF
NYBA (New York Biennale Art 2013), New York, curators: Pietro Franesi, Sarah Bloomberg
Missing Image (with T. Gverovic) Fordham Gallery, London

Dear Art, curators WHW / Sto kako i za koga / What, How and for Whom, Metelkova Museum of Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana
Organism no 1, curator Maja Ciric, Open SPAce, Vienna
Jučer sutra, epizoda 1, akcija-izložba idejnih prijedloga za Spomenik na Petrovoj gori, kustoskinja Vesna Vukovic, Petrova gora i Galerija Nova, Zagreb
Safe european home, curator Marina Martic, KCB, Belgrade
De/re/construction, TkH, curators, Aneta Stojnic and Nikola Dedic, Pancevo
Solid Grounds - in pocess, with Tina Gverovic, Art radionica, Lazareti Dubrovnik
What Hapened to Museum of Contemporary Arts,
curators Dejan Sretenovic and Una Popovic, MSU Belgrade
Point Blank, curator Dusica Drazic, Geozavod, Beograd

Life in the Forest (c: Rael Artel) Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
Visons and Scetches (c: M. Karic) Kunstforum, Regensburg
Displacement (c: Dorjan Kolundzija),
Prague Quadriennal of Performace Design and Space, Prague
No Network, (c: Branko Dimitrijevic),
1st Time Machine Biennial, Konjic, BH
Precarious Adaptations, (with T. Gverović and Jelena Vesic)
Art Gallery Cultural Centre, Belgrade
Never that’s when, (c: Gulsen Bal) Open Space, Vienna
General Guide to Anything Anyone Might Have or See Anywhere,
SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad

No ifs. No Buts, (c: G. Bal & Walter Seidl) Depo, Istanbul
The Uncomparables. Forming a Suspicious State,
(with T. Gverović), Nova gallery, Zagreb
Cooperation not corporation, (c: Maja Ćirić & David Goldenberg) ITS-Z1, Belgrade
I am What I am, (c: U. Popović, M. Ćirić, M. Karić, D. Dražić), Čačak
Antijargon, part of Deschooling Classrom Project, Brlgrade - Skopje

Aftermath, (solo show, c: Dejan Sretenović)
Salon of Museum of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade
The Law of Capital: Histories of Oppression,
(c: M. Gržinić & W. Seidl) Mesni muzej, Ljubljana
Salon of Revolution, (c: Antonia Majača & Ivana Bago) HDLU, Zagreb
Beyond Theory, (c: Maja Ćirić) WUK Kunsthalle Exnergasse,
Vienna, and SUSHI Gallery, San Diego
No! Against Racism, Exploitation and Colonization,
(c: Marina Grzinic & Walter Seidl)
Pavel House, Graz

Drunk on Dreams, Fruehsorge Galerie, Berlin
Hibridno - Imaginarno, (c: Misko Suvakovic) MSU Vojvodine, Novi Sad
Disapearance of Public Space, (c: Goran Petrovic)
Salon of MSU, Belgrade, Press to Exit Gallery Skopje

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