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Carole Monterrain


from Marseille
CCN-Bildende Kunst
Mai. 2002 - Jun. 2002
Carole Monterrain questions socio-economical facts of our everyday world with various artistic and technical means (photography, sculpture, video). Facts, such as society, which dictates what is beautiful, good, bad or ugly; or advertising, which creates needs and sets the norms. In the same way the artist has decided to play a role, thus has become an actress of her everyday life. Her involvement is expressed by means of public artistic actions oscillating between provocation and simply surviving.

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Im Widerstand, 2009-02-11 20:00:00 [event]
Translokal, 2003-11-14 14:30:00 [event]
Überlebenstrategien weiblich, 2001-11-23 20:00:00 [event]
Stadt der Zuflucht, 2000-06-30 20:00:00 [event]
SEINE Engel, 2007-05-11 19:30:00 [event]
kontra.punkty, 2007-06-22 18:00:00 [event]
Schreiben - Positionen aus SĂŒdosteuropa, 2007-06-18 20:00:00 [event]
spoken poetry - Schweiz/Deutschland, 2007-05-24 20:00:00 [event]
error occurred, 2007-07-14 20:00:00 [event]
, [event]
Menschenrechtsweg, 2007-10-23 12:00:00 [event]
Minsk - Sonnenstadt der TrÀume, 2007-09-11 18:30:00 [event]
, in:, 2002-06-01 [press]
Stadtkultur - Kulturstadt Europas, ISBN3-901096-26-4 [book]

Wie wir Bilder laufen lehren, ISBN3-901096-02-7 [book]

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