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Ivars Gravlejs


from Riga
CCN-Bildende Kunst/Medien
Apr. 2004 - Mai. 2004
Gravlejs’ spectrum comprises, among other things, several black-and-white documentary series about people in asylums and factories or at techno parties in the manner of in-your-face social studies. He collects photographic notes about his own life or captures other people’s stories with his pictures. His photographs of landscape and architecture belong to a different field and they are marked by an atmosphere of desertedness and the colourfulness of the night light. Beside these series, which are committed to aesthetics in general, he also creates works of conceptual or even performative character.

Ivars Gravlejs [artist]
compilation 00-04, 2004-04-28 20:00:00 [event]

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