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Gloria Oreb


from Split
CCN-Bildende Kunst/Medien
Sep. 2006 - Sep. 2006
Gloria Oreb was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1972. Graduated painting from the Art Academy in Split in 2002.
Since 2003, she has been a teaching fellow on painting and act drawing courses at the same academy.
She is a member of HULU (Croatian Association of Visual Artists) and HZSU (Croatian Association of Freelance Artists).
She lives in Split.
Apart from her primary medium, painting, she does graphics, photographs, videos, installations, performances.

Gloria Oreb [artist]
Gloria Oreb [home] [link]


- MHAS-Split 1999,
- Urbanity meeting -metropolis frame, Zagreb1999,
- Gallery Barutana, Split 2001,
- Gallery of art –split 2002,
- Gallery sc - Zagreb, 2001
- 2nd day of Croatian performance – Varaždin 2002. ,
- Salon Galić - Split 2003. ,
- Graphic biennale- Split 2003. ,
- Gallery Kortil, ex libris - Rijeka 2003,
- Absolutely baroque –Varaždin 2004,
- City Museum - Šibenik, 2004
- City Museum – Rijeka, 2004
- Gallery Juraj Plančić - Stari Grad, 2004
- Gallery Sv Toma – Rovinj, 2004
- Gallery of art- Split, 2004
- Kuća Horvat / gallery – Varazdin, 2004
- City museum – Vukovar, 2004
- Gallery Vjekoslav Karas – Karlovac, 2004
- Museum HAZU – Zagreb, 2004
- Milesi Palace – Split, 2005.
- Festival of visual and audio media Visura Aperta - Momian 2005.
- Festival of the first – theater ITD, Zagreb, 2005.
- Diocletian palace substructures – Split, 2006.

Photography reward from Croatian contemporary art institute – 2004.


Prištalu /installations, 1999.
Prištalu is a workshop and exhibition place in Vela Luka on island lang=EN-US style='font-size:8.0pt;font-family:Tahoma'> of Korčula. Paintings are connecting
space and ambience through relations of golden incision.

P9700 / photo ambience, 2000.
Photography of a ship is on the gallery wall; lighten by slide projection of sea (depicting
my voyage to island and back to mainland)

A4 / performance, 2001.
Performer is making a draw of hermaphrodite (symbol of divine unity) with spray on a
toilette door. I was dedicated this work to Marcel Duchamp.

B.W.-T /audio-visual installation-2002
Ten photography of a body segments (author are made a photography in intimacy of
bathroom) printed on white PVC background format 80x120 cm. There is a sound of
a singing install on a CD player. Body is the media, me on a most personal
level but simultaneously not me .it is the meeting point of subjective and
objective. The space dynamically overcomes in constant metamorphosis, the state
of chaos and fragmentation. The body is a final border of reality –
communication flux point.

Food / cooking – performance – 2002.
Performance is about relations of production and consume .Performer is producer and
mediator in relationship between art-production-food. Performer body is in
process of food thermo cultivation. There is no final product. It is about a
process. Art equals food. Act of preparing the food itself as a certain
transmutation of materials, but the final goal of process is not the final and
non-obligatory contemplation on the aesthetical (nourishing) object, the wisdom
stone of the artistic, but awakening unavoidable physical dependency.

House / paintings and drawings – installations, 2003.
Ten paintings /acrylic on a paper format 70x100cm / exhibit on gallery walls, with wall
drawing outline of house interiors. House have a certain rule sent to me by a
frequency of being ;that much I get beck energy in form of paintings ;which is
a pictograms sign, its pulsing inside of
ambience .

Logbook / photo installation, 2004.
Fifty-five digitally defined photography projecting on a wall. It is photography made on a
voyage from Rotterdam to Panama. Almost like in a documentary film, I am talking about people and sea. This work is received a photography reward.

Final frontier /audiovisual installation, 2004.
It is projecting 37 photography of a clear blue sky from my terrace, on a
beautiful spring day when the space is a bright blue, with a sound from film
star trek 5 –final frontier. Sky is a final frontier of are space perception –
the contact in blue is a meeting with God. The insight is close to as in a
light of a stratosphere, through 24 pictures in seconds – light and sound

Ikhthis+Columba /photo installation,2005
Twenty photography with Christianity symbols, which is Fishes on a fish market and
doves feeding snapshot.

Recent works:

Step by step, 2005. - Festival of visual and audio media Visura Aperta - Momian
Is audiovisual installation with elements of performance - painting lecture. Through
15 animated photography and 15 sentences I am explain and note my painting.
This work is begin as a reaction on step by step books ,video tapes and other
materials to learn painting on method do it yourself.

Hello - performance, 2005. – Zagreb Film Festival, Festival of the first – theater ITD,
Dance for video.
For the first time I am a dancer. Dancing in the intimacy of my bedroom with the bed in the background and blue paintings on the wall to the music of The Doors “Hello I love you” .I ‘m
wearing male boxer shorts and T-shirt with the picture of Joseph Beuys …
Through dance I am playing with the relations among art, sex, politics, pop-culture

EXIT - performance, 2006. - Diocletian palace substructures – Split
Video projection of performance, performed on Split beach Kasjuni with the
sound of the sea.
Iam talking about going and running away.
One clear winter day on a shore I shaped white paper in a form of boat and put it
on a sea surface. What does mean traveling if traveler is staying on a shore?
In what relationship is creative process and utility of creation?
Whatis exit in art context?
The idea of exit is transmitter of personal state of mind in a form of solid
materials to a symbolic reality. At the end, it is all about play.

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