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Predrag Terzić

aus Belgrad
Sep. 2015 - Okt. 2015
Born in Belgrade in 1972. Graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2000, Professor Čedomir Vasić’s class. Master's degree at the same Academy. In 2001. Members of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia ( ULUS ). He obteined his PhD degree in the Interdisciplinary Studies of Theory of Art and Media, under the mentorship of Professor Divna Vuksanović, PhD, at the University of Arts, Belgrade.
After attaining his Master's degree he starts to exhibit intensively, in the country and abroad. His works are a part of several private collections in the country and abroad. He had 15 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 30 group exhibition in the country and abroad (Germany, Slovenia, Belgium, Canada, Austria, US, Italy, Greece, BiH, Montenegro, Sweden, Poland)

Predrag Terzić [artist]
Nina Todorović and Predrag Terzić, 2015-09-28 19:00:00 [event]

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