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Tanja Bakić



aus Podgorica
Artist in Residence
Mai. 2018 - Jun. 2018
Tanja Bakić, born in 1981 in Montenegro, is the author of four highly-praised poetry collections, her debut being published when she was only 15, and the last one, Sjeme i druge pjesme (The Seed and Other Poems), in 2013. She is also a translator, holds an MA in English language and literature, writes as a music and literary critic. Her verse has been translated into fifteen foreign languages, presented at festivals abroad, published in international magazines and anthologies (produced in the UK, USA, Australia, Japan, India, France, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Greece, etc) and she has been awarded fellowships several times, one of these being the Central European Initiative Fellowship for the year 2016 (Vilenica festival Slovenia). As a Writer-in-Residence she had lived in different countries before. The lecture she presented at the Tate Britain in London, entitled “William Blake in the Former Yugoslavia“ is coming out published by Bloomsbury in 2019. She is currently translating into Montenegrin a poetry volume Landing Light by the award-winning Scots poet Don Paterson.

Tanja Bakić [artist]

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