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reflective reality 



Light Installation-Performance
-------------------------------Donnerstag 27. Mai 2004 / 20.00 Uhr
» ESC im Labor

MP an acronym of the names of the artists who willingly decided to reject personal histories, names and previous media of expressing. MP are focused on the research of mutual expression primarily by physical (performance) and meditative (picture/text). The works that MP creates are tied to the place, time durance and physical/meditative context in which the personal experience of intimacy and privacy is reflected on the universality of comprehension through public performing.

» Projektdetails

Maia Budzarov [artist]
Predrag Sidjani [artist]
Maia Budzarov [artist]
MP_pro_01 reflective diary, 2005-06-02 19:00:00 [event]
reflective reality, 2004-05-27 20:00:00 [event] [link]

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Kulturressort der Stadt Graz;
Abteilung f├╝r Kommunikation der Stadt Graz,
Referat f├╝r Internationale Beziehungen
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