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von Florin Ciulache

-------------------------------Samstag 14. Juli 2007 / 20.00 Uhr
» Traminer Weinstube

This is how everything started: I got my firs PC around 15th of February two years ago. I didn’t understand much of it and I could write whit just one finger, so I started to look at the pictures on the internet; things went from bad to worse and friends were assaulting me with advice. One of them suggested I install an antivirus software. OK, I said, which one? “ NOD32 “ , he said. OK, I installed it, it seemed to work and I felt more confident surfing the net and downloading movies.

Being a gift, the computer was a little outdated, it had little memory and not enough space for downloading movies so I had to do all sorts of joggling acts in transferring data from one folder to another. Well, I think here is where the glitch happened: errors occur when I move data on the hard disk or I write them on the CD and then into the computer. It’ true that lately I got some common viruses from the net, but my feeling is that errors happened when I access the data from the hard disk and when the information passes through those old and tiny little wires.

What persuaded me to keep those images? The fact that they were not complete aberrations ( until I realized that, I lost hundreds of them ). The bad thing is that they are not repeatable and when you lose one, you it’s gone forever. The best ones are those whit subtitles where you have some very strange quotations that make you wonder whether someone or something is making fun of you. I immediately thought that I could paint the error stills the way I like to paint, whit plenty of impasto. But I realized that it would take forever, and that they should stay the way they first appeared. The prints are a sort of digital Dada: the broken hard disk full of viruses has the role chance had in Dada times.
After that, all I have to do is SELECT the errors.

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