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Shanghai, cibo e consumismo 


Reportage aus China
von Valerio Panizza

-------------------------------Dienstag 27. Februar 2007 / 18.30 Uhr
» Fotogalerie im Grazer Rathaus

The wealthy urban China has met with childish enthusiasm and amazing voracity the new freedom to consume. The relationship with food is a good metaphor for this attitude. The history of China has a long record of famines and peasant rebellions; traditionally, when meeting people you don't say "how are you ?" but rather "have you had your meal?". According to the sociologist Sun Longji the Chinese personality is crystallized at the oral phase. Is this the "infantile phase of consumerism?" In today's Shanghai, the mile of Nanjing road going from People's Square to the Bund, is more than a popular shopping paradise. Scores of people, young lovers, families from the countryside, roam Nanjing road department stores and shops, have fast meals at small traditional restaurants ( or rather McDonald's or Kentucky Fried Chicken ) and gather on the Bund to gaze at the skyline of Pudong ( the new financial area). This is a tribute to the new, proud, winning China.

Shanghai, cibo e consumismo, 2007-02-27 18:30:00 [event]

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