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Land van Belofte - Promised Land 

-------------------------------Freitag 19. Jänner 2007 / 18.30 Uhr
» Fotogalerie im Grazer Rathaus

What makes a city a city? Is it the buildings, the streets and the canals? Or is it the people and the things they do? Is it the connection, the space in between all those ingredients, or its common history maybe? Or is there something else, hidden away underneath all these visable things? Something that seems to intangibly pull back every time you point at it; an undercurrent that reflects the city’s character but at the same time is such a common, ordinary thing that citizens hardly notice anymore?

The exhibition Promised Land is the result of five commissions awarded by the Dutch photography organisation Noorderlicht. Five internationally acclaimed photographers were asked to sketch an image of the city of Groningen, a city in the Northern part of The Netherlands. Without touristic brochures and historical guides however, but with a focus on its undercurrents.

The result is a visual report with documentary quality as well as artistic vision. The photographers do not just give an impression of the city, they view the city from their own, unique point of view and they conjure daily scenes into new experiences. Noorderlicht gave the photographers free reign in their choice of subjects and locations. They documented the streets and the light, the travellers and the distance, the walls and the people, the panoramas and the darkness, the small secrets and the big mysteries, the life in public as well as offstage.

Promised Land is touring around the twin cities of Groningen: Graz, Odense (Denmark), Oldenburg (Germany), Newcastle (England), Talinn (Estonia), Mourmansk (Russia) and Tianjin (China).

Land van Belofte - Promised Land, 2007-01-19 18:30:00 [event]
noorderlicht photography [link]

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