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Shamshad Abdullaev


from Ferghana, Usbekistan
Artist in Residence
Aug. 2010 - Okt. 2010
Born November 1, 1957 in Ferghana. In 1991-1995 he headed the department of Tashkent poetry magazine "Star of the East". Author of poetry, prose and essays. Winner Prize. A. White in 1993 and Magazine Prize Banner 1998
. Author of more than two hundred publications of poetry, . Prose, . essay, . including: the "Star of the East", . Almanac "since" (Tashkent), . "Youth" (Tashkent), . collection of "24 the poet and 2 Commissioner", . "Poetry and Criticism ', . "Bulletin of the new literature, . Mitino journal, . magazines Voum ", . Znamya, . Volga, . "Ural nov", . "Draft", . anthology, "Who says,
. Twelve poets from Russia and Finland "(compiled by Yu Mullin, 1997). Author of books "Interval" (1992) and "Slow Summer" (1997). Leader of the Fergana poetic school.
He currently lives in Fergana.

Shamshad Abdullaev [artist]
Als reise man an einen unbekannten Ort, 2010-09-27 20:00:00 [event]

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