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International Writer\'s House Graz

The International Writers House is a Cultural City Network- project, and is administered by the Kulturvermittlung Steiermark (KVS) in cooperation with the office for cultural affairs of the City of Graz. It is based on the Hotel Europe programme developed by Walter Grond in the Forum Stadtpark and modified for the CCN.

The International Writers House scheme includes a fellowship programme, where international writers are invited to come and live and work at the 'Cerrini Schlössel' on the Grazer Schloßberg. The IHAG organizes events, places artistic and intellectual tasks and edits texts of the authors in the original and in german translations. The objective of the invitations is to enable writers from different cultures to meet and interact with each other, so that their imagination is brought to bear in a diversified manner instead of being restricted only to literary culture, and to investigate, in the spirit of enlightenment, the extent to which different cultures develop contemporary tendencies in accordance with their own understanding.


The International Writers House has three apartments at its disposal in the Cerrini Schlössel an the Schloßberg. The two-story house stands in a protected landscaped park in the centre of Graz. The historic building has been adapted to the needs of scholarship-holders and is looked on today as a kind of campus.

  • Apartment 1 has replaced what used to be the Graz City Laureate-Apartment and is now assigned to the
    City-Writer of Graz.
  • Apartment 2 is made available for a year at a time to a politically persecuted writer enabled to stay in Austria within the project
    City of Asylum
  • Apartment 3 is made available for invitations to international writers to come and stay in Graz for a minimum of a month and up to four months as a

The invitations are bound up with scholarships. Writers in residence are given the opportunity to present readings and talks at the Cerrini Schlössel or other local venues, also in combination with other writers who are guests of the European Network of Cities of Asylum.

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Kulturressort der Stadt Graz;
Abteilung für Kommunikation der Stadt Graz,
Referat für Internationale Beziehungen
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