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Volodymyr Budnikov


from Kiew
CCN-Bildende Kunst
Feb. 2007 - Mar. 2007
Was born in 1947. In 1965 graduated from Kyiv Art School. 1965 – 1971 – graduated from Kyiv Art Institute (masterclass of the academician T. Yablonskaya). Member of the National Artists Union of Ukraine (since 1975). Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine. Professor V. Budnikov is teaching painting at Ukrainian Academy of Arts. The artist is known for his researches in metaphysics in the field of painting and for founding a "new-baroque" trend in nonfigurative painting. 1993, Berlin – a thesis was defended in Humboldt University dedicated to his creative work. V.Budnikov was warded the prize "Golden Section" as the best artist in the III International Art Festival (Kyiv, 1998). Lives and works in Kyiv.