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Metka Zupanič


from Ptuj
CCN-Bildende Kunst/Medien
Sep. 2005 - Okt. 2005
About my Work

My work is based on research of extreme points of human being. The focus of my artistic research is on impressions and the space between them - which means making use of social profiles.
This is obvious in performances and videos where I try to involve the audience.
Various kinds of media are employed, ranging from sculptures, video, sound and computer graphics to the body itself used as an object.
Most of my works are based on questions of the body because today we can speak of a transformed and replaced body as an artistic means with its own autonomy whose unpredictable licentiousness and interior challenges destroy the accepted practices of its depiction.
A view moved to de-construct a body into fragments and make it a statement, an identity, a text, a process …

The skin I made of latex represents an image of an unattainable double. It is both – a whole and fragment. It is dissected, emptied and disclosed at the same time, claiming its own freedom of infinite reinvention.