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Boba Mirjana Stojadinović



aus Belgrad
CCN-Bildende Kunst/Medien
Sep. 2014 - Okt. 2014
Boba Mirjana Stojadinović received Bachelor and MFA degree from Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and also MFA from Institute Piet Zwart in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Faculty of Arts in Plymouth, United

Artist Statement
Shaped in a distabilized society, my world doesn’t function within a pre-given or self-understood backdrop, but propells questions on a miriad of relations. My practice comprehends the world of urban-life
daily reality as well as the official art system along with the practices of the independent culture.
I am interested in working with space and the ways it interacts with and enables creative, social and political frequencies of everyday life; I use space as means of expression and intervention, often operating with non-gallery environments.
At a cross-section of different mediums my work is rooted in the experience of immediate surroundings. Key agencies incorporate photography, text, sound, voice and light and their sculptural qualities resourcing a situation in space.
I often work with and for a limited number of audiences, experimenting with ways an experience can be shared. Denying the self-sufficiency of an artistic act I also wish to confront the visitors with situations for which I refuse to take complete control of, often in a form of participatory projects.

Boba Mirjana Stojadinović [artist]

Stojadinović exhibited solo in galleries in Belgrade, Sombor, Zrenjanin and Čačak since 1998.
In cooperation with other artists she initiated and realized projects dealing with visual art in public and private space, and also dealing with artist-run-organizations. She is the author and runs the projectforum ARTIST AS AUDIENCE, a series of public discussions among the audience on chosen artworks []. So far the discussions were most notably about the works by Bik van der Pol(NL), Zoran Todorović, Nina Hoechtl (AU/MX), Jelica Radovanovič/Dejan Anđelković, Zoran Pantelić, Branka Kuzmanović, Milorad Mladenović,Dragana Ĺ˝arevac, Dušica DraĹľić, Goran Đorđević, and many others.
She produced two catalogues: Stuck in the Sound (published by the Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin, 2010, 60 pages) and Rotterdam Revisited. Revisiting Belgrade (published by DEZ ORG, 2008, 80 pages).
Stojadinović curated, organized and participated in group exhibitions in Serbia and Europe. The more important ones include (2013) Aftermath / Changing Cultural Landscape; Tendencies of Engaged Post-Yugoslavian Contemporary Photography (Galerija Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb, 2013 / National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, SI, 2012 / PARCO, Pordenone ARte COntemporanea, Pordenone, IT, 2012); Between the real and reality (topography of public/private space) (Third Belgrade Gallery, Belgrade, RS, 2012) • What Happened to the Museum of Contemporary Art? A nonexhibition of documentation, art interventions and the building interior (Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, RS, 2012) • Point Blank (Building of Belgrade Cooperative, Belgrade, RS, 2012) • The City, a project-cycle of exhibitions titled “Cross-examination” resuming the key art practices and phenomenons in Serbia after 2000 (Remont, Belgrade, 2012) • Home – a collection of young serbian artists (Palazzo Forti gallery of modern art, Verona, IT. 2011); • Private/Public (Skopje, Macedoni a, 2011), • 25th NadeĹľda Petrović Memorial (Čačak, SER, 2010), • Belgrade: Nonplaces (Salon of Museum of Contemporary art Belgrade, 2009).
She received the Award of the 25th NadeĹľda Petrović Memorial in 2010 in Čačak, Serbia.
Stojadinović is one of the founders of the Artist Association DEZ ORG in Belgrade []. As of 2013 she is running an organization Frekvencija.
She attended the three-month KulturKontakt Artist in Residence programme in Vienna in 2011 and four-month Rondo Artist-in-Residence programme in Graz in 2013.

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