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Ann Pajuvli


aus Tallinn
CCN-Bildende Kunst
Sep. 2016 - Okt. 2016
Ann Pajuvli (born 1990 in Tallinn) has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a BA degree in printmaking and continues her studies at the Masters level in the same field.

In the last two years, Pajuvli has taken an active interest in the comics culture and the broader and more abstract approach to this field. Her works in this area have been published in the comics magazine ! (number 21 and 24) and self-published publications.

Ann Pajuvli [artist]

2015 - .. Estonian Academy of Arts, fine arts, graphic art, MA
2015 Estonian Academy of Arts, fine arts, graphic art, BA
2009 Tallinn Art Gymnasium

Solo exhibitions
2016 Same, EAA gallery, Tallinn.
Together with Ahti Sepsivart, curated by Maria Helen Knd
2014 The Layout and Sectional View of the Surface III, Culture club Kelm, Tallinn.
Together with Mihkel Oksmann, curated by Siim Preiman

Group exhibitions
2016 The Limit of the Unknown, SUVA Sukavabrik, Tallinn
Curated by Andres Tali
2015 Surface, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallinn
Curated by Anders Hrm
2015 Baltijos Ilustracija Komiksai, v. Jono gatvs galerija, Vilnius
Curated by Ula imulynait
2015 Black and White, Tallinn 5th Drawing Triennial, Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn
2015 Parasite in Brackets, EAA gallery, Tallinn
Curated by Eve Kask, Marten Esko
2015 Lets talk about, what I think, in the lobby of Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn
2015 20:84, Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn
Curated by Ede Raadik, Mari Prekup, Ats Nukki
2014 Literacy / Illiteracy, Rundum artist-run space, Tallinn
Curated by Tanja Muravskaja, Marko Nautras
2013 Pattern 3, Theatre Von Krahl, Tallinn

Selected publications
Mrileht: Estonian cultural publication. #44 - #56 - .. Tartu: MT Tartu Kultuuritehas, 2015, 2016
Baltic comics magazine ! #24. Urban Jungle. Riga: Biedrība Grafiskie stasti, 2016
Ula imulynait. Baltijos Ilustracija Komiksai. Vilnius: v. Jono gatvs galerija, 2015
Baltic comics magazine ! #21. Business Time. Riga: Biedrība Grafiskie stasti, 2015
Vrske Rhk #41, #43. Tallinn: Kultuurileht, 2015
Elina Kasesalu. i: Estonian young illustrators. Tallinn: O Paper Cuts, 2014