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Ramiro Wong


from Lima
CCN-Bildende Kunst/Medien
Aug. 2020 - Sep. 2020
Dynamics of displacement , aesthetics of othering , are perhaps the two most relevant terms that define Ramiro Wong’s artistic practice. Throughout his works one can find political and sociocultural concerns that address local narratives and individual stories, questioning how identity is formed as well as its processes of apprehension and deconstruction within diverse historical and geographical contexts.

The Peruvian born artist carefully employs different forms of language in creations where installation and performance entangle not only balancing each other but transforming and altering their nature towards and ending result that does not hook, line and sinker but echoes the processes of research, documentation and reinterpretation of cultural phenomena which can be witnessed from the deliberate choice of material, the specific mediums employed and the open discourse that accompanies the artwork.

Ramiro Wong [artist]
An einem anderen Ort, 2020-11-30 00:00:00 [event]

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